How To Make Future Garage Basses

In this lesson on bass synthesis, Jafu will be giving us an in-depth look at three classic commonly used bass sounds in dubstep, garage, future garage, and house, ranging from a more minimal sound to a slightly more aggressive sound, and how you can achieve desirable results for yourself to experiment with. Using primarily Operator in Ableton Live, he will offer insight into how FM synthesis works, different routing options, and effectively using it to your advantage to coax out more midrange material from your basses, giving them a slightly more aggressive sound, and offering more usability when trying to shape the sound.

He’ll explain the optimal sub bass range and how you can get more presence from your subs, where the best range is to sit to get the most beef out of your subs, why to avoid going too low or too high, and why achieving a desirable tone before laying down a bass line is more effective and will give you a better result when performing to record.

He’ll show you effective ways of bouncing or recording your bass down to audio and why that could be very useful for giving yourself more options for modulation and manipulation of the sound, and how you might be able to mix and match different bass sounds to create a more interesting bass line that has much more life and progression.

By following this guide, you should be able to better understand the nature of FM synthesis and how it works, and how you can give yourself a classic sound you may have been missing without it! Be sure to keep it locked to Education and Bass for more from Jafu.

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