How To Make An EDM Track [3 Hrs / 16 Part Course | Project File In Description]

Dan Larsson of Letsynthesize has teamed up with Education and Bass to bring you an exclusive course on “How To Make An EDM Track”. In this three hour long course, consisting of 16 parts, he builds up this song from scratch starting with finding the best sounding drums and processing them. He then makes some very cool neuro style bass sounds for the drop, and for fills.

The breakdown of the song is very cinematic so the techniques he shows you in this course can be used and transferred to every other style of music.

The course is very easy to follow as Dan explains everything, not just producing on video. He also shares awesome tricks on how to synthesise tonal percussion sounds suitable for any style of music.

You get useable knowledge about building tension towards your buildup that will make your drop hit hard enough for a commercial release.

Dan is going to teach you sound design, song arrangement, mixing basses, instruments, drums and some mastering techniques.

We all hope you enjoy the course!

You can download the project folder used in the course here

Course Features

  • Videos 16
  • Skill level All levels

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