Sound Design | Bass

In this 2 part course Dalek One takes you on a sound design journey to help you create the thickest sub basses and the angriest mid basses.

Part 1 – In this video, Dalek One shows you how to make his signature thick low end sub bass. Using massive we dive into the most simple, minimal and effective ways to make and effect your sub bass ooze with low end.

Part 2 – In this video , Dalek One shows us how to make some real gritty and angry basses to give your track that extra umph. Again using Massive, we go deep into the ways of making basses and how to apply them to your tunes, the “call and response” method as well as post production to really make them scream with distortion and other techniques.

If you would like to see more music production videos on sound design and creating unique bass sounds for your tracks then head over to the Education & Bass Youtube and watch over 500 videos for absolutely free!

Course Features

  • Videos 2
  • Skill level All levels

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