E&B Templatez 002

Leading on from Templatez 001, Nomine and Nurve are back at it again but this time they swap roles. Nurve turns his ever so talented hand to a more slower tempo that he is a custom too. His track straddles the realms of Trap/Hip Hop at 100 bpm but with a twist and lifts the lid on his workflow.

As you may well know, Nurve is a huge lover of synthesis and where possible, and it is always possible, he will throw in some signature Neuro/D&B/MUD sounding synth sounds to tickle the ear which will give the listener a different type of experience when listening to music of this genre and tempo. Nurve walks you through all of the processes for each group of channels and individual channels in a very detailed manner which will allow for you to really get under the hood and into the mind of how this very decorated artist goes about creating such music.

Nurve then hands over the project file, stems, midi files and samples to his colleague and absolute music production guru, Nomine. Nomine takes this track and flips it on its head. He opts to go with a D&B track using nothing but Nurve’s sounds from his project folder (Ok, he may have added one or 2 signature sounds) ;). The track has actually turned out to be a very different style of track for Nomine aka Outrage and could possibly be a sign of things to come from him. Nomine then proceeds to lift the lid on the workflow and every aspect of the track so that you all get a really good insight into how this monster of a producer gets to work on such projects.

As VIP members you will all have access to the video content which is in total around 2hrs. You will have access to the project file, stems, midi files and samples.

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