Desert Sound Colony | Track Walkthrough [The Gobbler]

In our latest track walkthrough masterclass, we are joined by the enigmatic Desert Sound Colony as he goes under the hood and reveals the inner workings of ‘The Gobbler’ from his latest release on his own label – Holding Hands Records. He has released on labels such as Futureboogie, Timeless Records, Scissor & Thread and more, crafting a dancefloor centric sound that centres itself around UK bass music, 2-step, garage and techno.

Desert Sound Colony takes us through how he starts a project in Ableton, starting with how he builds and develops his drum groove that underpins the track, covering how he builds out a drum groove, layering sounds, adding swing to give the elements extra movement and some processing techniques to help gel the sounds together.

He then moves on to showcasing how he layers and structures his bass elements that are the driving force behind the beat, this section delves into how he’s created the lead bass sounds and how he designs his patches when creating bass parts and also how he designs his bass MIDI patterns to communicate with one another to create a wall of bass! Then he moves into the melodics and this looks at the synths and MIDI patterns are developing to add movement and harmonics to the track.

Finishing up with covering how the transitions, textures, subtle variation and FX processes that he’s used are implemented to tie his phrases together to make a fluid and exciting sound that is perfect for the dancefloor.

Course Features

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