How To Make Deep Dubstep Drums | From The Drum Kit To The DAW

In this course, Taiko covers some of the basic drum theory that can be used to create Deep Dubstep Drums and has underpinned his production techniques and the creative process for his whole career. You will cover things like accents and ghost notes, rhythm techniques, and much more. The first half of the course is focused on live elements, and how these can translate into your DAW at a later stage.

You will transition through some pointers and advice around setting up your studio and making and recording percussion. Amongst other things this will eventually culminate in a 6 part tutorial, which is all focused on creating your own percussion orientated drum group for Dubstep.

This content will be especially ideal for those who are starting out producing, those who are new to this direction of 140 bass music, and those just wanting a fresh take on how to approach your Deep Dubstep Drums or just drums in general.

These videos will be focused around the general arrangement of your track, and how you can use simple variation to lay down the bare bones before you write a single note.

You can expect more content surrounding drums and mixing them down from Taiko in the future, for now we hope you enjoy these videos!

Along with this content, Taiko has released a quick video which is all about setting up a small bedroom or studio. This involves some simple acoustic techniques and explains how small investments early on can do you and your music wonders in the long run.

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Course Features

  • Videos 10
  • Skill level All levels

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