MUD Heavy Dubstep Track [Artificial Intelligence] Walkthrough By Ammon-Ra

In this tutorial, Ammon-Ra walks us through the title track ‘Artificial Intelligence’ from his EP which is out now on the mighty ‘Macabre Unit Digital’ (MUD). This gnarly, heavy Dubstep track is full of dirty synthesis and very tight drum programming.

Write up courtesy of JunoDownload – “Who says Dubstep is dead? The scene has had a proper revival over the past few years, but I don’t think those who’ve stuck with it since the late 2000s glory days would even say it died – it just went back to is underground roots. Ammon-Ra represents those roots perfectly with this EP and the title track smacks of Dubstep as it should be and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ -the title track – is exactly that: looping drums and slowish pace but obscenely heavy on the back end and a real feeling of travel. ‘Eluesinian Mysteries’ takes things in a choppier direction, sharp bass stabs penetrating deep into the range. This is proper Dubstep.”

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    Cheers Ammon-Ra. Really helpful walk through

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