E&B Templatez 001

Introducing Education & Bass Templates, a brand new concept to support the learning of music technology and improve the workflow for all levels from beginner to advanced. We make the music in a variety of genres, sub-genres and DAWs, provide tutorials on how the music was made and give VIP members access to the song projects, audio stems, a sample pack from each track and the MIDI files to take into another DAW and create something unique. If that isn’t enough you will get mastered versions of the tracks way ahead of their release date, if they are slated for a release.

In the first instalment, Nomine has produced a classic Nomine sounding 140 BPM track in Logic Pro X using only Logic stock plugins, sounds and instruments. Here at E&B we believe that all you need is a good idea and the knowledge of how to make those ideas a reality rather than worrying about whether you are using the “best” DAW, plugins, software or hardware.

Nomine has broken down how he made the track in a 6 Part tutorial that covers drums, bass, melodics, sound fx and the arrangement. Leading on from Nomine’s tutorial, Nurve provides a series of tutorials that break down how he flipped the original template and took it into Ableton Live to create something new and unique, to give you an insight into the power of E&B templates. Nurve starts things off by describing how he approached the project and then breaks down what sounds he uses from Nomine’s project. He then goes deep into how he transforms the sounds provided to create his own unique track using the sounds that Nomine provided him with. If you struggle with workflow and creative kick starts then this course is perfect for you.

to see more music production tutorials then head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel now!

Course Features

  • Videos 10
  • Skill level All levels

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