E&B Templatez 004

In this Templatez course, Occult uses ableton to demonstrate his workflow via a simple yet effective Techno track that utilises automation, synthesis and effects. Stems and a project file come free with the course.

Occult starts by demonstrating the drum track, using max4live drum tools in ableton 10. Occult demonstrates the creation of the kick drum, snare, hi-hat and noise hits. Occult demonstrates saturation, compression and EQ on the drum track. Occult uses subtractive EQ to control the peaks of the kick drum and hi hat. Within the drum rack, each drum pad can have effects and processing applied.

In part 2, occult demonstrates the use of synthesis to create your own sounds. Using wavetable synthesis and the use of envelopes he creates a deep, hypnotic Dub Techno chord pattern. Occult uses a filter to effect the sound, he also applies saturation and EQ. He also demonstrates the delay, reverb and filter automation used on this main chord line.

He then uses the basic operator FM synthesizer to create a secondary chord, applying delay. He uses the spread function to enhance the stereo field. The final chord uses the wavetable synthesiser. this is a moody, dramatic chord that adds suspense and urgency to the track. The filter is automated to create attack. More delay and reverb automation is used.

The third part of the course sees occult using white noise with a long auto filter to enhance texture and atmosphere. More EQ is applied to remove unwanted frequencies. Occult then utilises a field recording of a storm to further enhance texture and atmosphere.

Lastly Occult demonstrates 3 effect sends, reverb, delay and delay 2, each having different effects on the track. Each effect send is mixed using EQ and compression, Occult uses macro functions to map important parameters for is great workflow and for instant access using the push 2. Finally, Occult mixes and masters the track using EQ, saturation and limiting.

As VIP members you will all have access to the video content which is in total around 1hr. You will have access to the project file, stems, midi files and samples.

If you would like to see more music production, music business and music theory video tutorials then please head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel.

Course Features

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  • Skill level All levels
I loved listening closely to music as a child, thanks to my families diverse taste. I became interested in making music when i learned that it could be composed inside a computer. At age 14 I was using Cakewalk, Rebirth and rudimentary home recordings to make very experimental music. I first released dubstep music commercially in 2009. At 19 I was studying a Higher national Diploma in Electronic music. I had gained popularity and began to DJ around the UK. I ran a radio show on RoodFM with Jot Maxi. I have worked in recording studios with all kinds of bands, The most memorable was a live 24-piece big band, in one room. I have gathered plenty of experience using DAWs like Logic, Ableton, FL studio and ProTools. I studied Creative Music Production at Brighton University. My dissertation was on sound system culture and the human desire for sound in its physical form. I was a resident DJ at The Mine at Volks, Brighton. I have worked on commercial sound design for the BBC, L’officiel magazine, Toms shoes and Baltman and some experimental sound design for smaller brands and artistic projects. I have gathered a library of my own sounds over a 10 year period and built a knowledge of effects processing and mixing/mastering. I have composed and performed my own music as a solo artist for the past decade, I have performed at festivals and venues in many countries and developed a fan base worldwide. The music I make centres around texture and sound design. My primary focus now is working on ways to perform my music live. I have been co running and assisting both the Macabre Unit Digital & Faded Tapes labels for a number of years.

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