Creating A House Track Using A Cereal Box

Timo thought he would challenge himself to make an entire track out of the sounds he could sample from a Quaker Oats box (other brands of Porridge are equally as good!). From the double bass sounding vibrations he got plucking the elastic band that was wrapped around it (it was a half empty box!) to hitting the side with a recorder and of course by shaking it (+ he recorded some cornflakes for a shaker too!). He also used a 909 kick and one held chord on his keyboard to add a bit more melody but other than that everything from snares, percussion, bass sounds and atmospherics were all made from the sounds recorded from the porridge packet, layered with effects to make this a cereal slammer! He even tested it out in the club half way through his set on the weekend that followed the creation of this track at Berlin-Brighton and the crowd reaction was rather tasty.

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