Recording & Resampling (Analogue / Digital)

This tutorial will be covering recording and resampling processes using external hardware along with some creative ideas for sound design within a mixing desk. The gear we are using in this tutorial is the Korg Minilogue, Elektron Digitakt, Soundcraft Signature 22MTK, Stanton STR8-60 turntable, Ableton Live 9

Course Features

  • Videos 7
  • Skill level All levels


  1. nufflove
    11th January 2019

    these tutorials were awesome and really helpful, thankyou ! and what was the effect called at the end of the sample vinyl tutorial ?

    • LSN
      13th January 2019

      thanks a lot, glad you’re finding them useful 🙂
      The effect at the end of that video is a Lexicon ‘plate mod reverb’ built in to the desk, it’s basically a plate reverb with added chorus effect on the wet signal, giving it a shimmering modulated sound.

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