How To Make A Techno Track [Advanced | 26 Parts]

This course is a comprehensive package of advanced techno production tutorials, showing the complete process of how Special Circumstances crafts a track. Focusing on the darker, heavier “warehouse” techno sound, this course delivers a 3 step process of sound design, arrangement and mixdown techniques that will enhance your sonic sculpting skills, speed up your workflow and help you polish your mixdowns.

The sound design section includes tutorials on making huge “rumble” style kick drums, programming expressive hi hat loops and makes extensive use of the Native Instruments Reaktor environment to create interesting synthesized percussion and modular-style sequences. Additionally, there is a focus on developing evolving textures using the Granulator Max for Live device and Ableton’s Wavetable synthesizer.

The arrangement section is a deep dive into the process Special Circumstances uses to quickly generate ideas and get tracks done. He details the Session Arrangement technique in Ableton, using the Session View to create a draft arrangement, which is then recorded to the Arrangement View. This section also discussed the use of track markers to highlight elements of the track that require work and the use of automation to add movement and variation to your parts.

Lastly, the mixdown section is a real-time look at track mixing, including the use of Tape Saturation to add colour and gentle compression to tracks, the use of Channel Strips to handle the majority of EQ and Compression tasks and other simple mix tips and tricks to enhance your mixing toolbox.

And last but not least, Special circumstances has kindly provided the dry stems for this project so you can really get deep into this course and put your own spin on things along with also having the sounds to use in any of your own projects if you wish, royalty free! Download them here

If you would to check out 500+ music production tutorials then head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel.

Course Features

  • Videos 26
  • Skill level All levels

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