Music Business Course

In this course we take a look at the following things that will help and you to gain a better understanding of the business aspect that surrounds the music industry.

Part 1: How To Get Into The Music Industry With No Experience
Part 2: How To Get Started As A DJ / Producer
Part 3: How to Approach Record Labels
Part 4: Dealing With Agents & Managers
Part 5: Protect Yourself W/ Writers Agreements & Copyright
Part 6: Getting Paid (Pt 1) – What Are Mechanicals Royalties?
Part 7: Getting Paid (Pt 2) – What Is Publishing?
Part 8: Getting Paid (Pt 3) – What Is Publishing? (Continued)
Part 9: Starting Your Own Record Label

Course Features

  • Videos 9
  • Skill level All levels


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    Big up to another hero of JDB. Thanks a lot for this season & episodes, DJ Rap

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    Part 4 is so informative and valuable. Thanks for the insights and details!

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    Part 5 is so good! Premium content for all here, no matter what genre.

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    Very recommendable – all of ’em!

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