Music Theory For Electronic Musicians


Music Theory for Electronic Musicians is a series of lectures by X=X explaining areas of Music Theory and how it can be applied in modern music production.  Part One explores Pitch and Frequency specifically how they relate to one another and where on the frequency spectrum certain instruments reside.  Part Two considers Amplitude and Velocity and their importance in creating dynamics.  Part Three looks at Tone Quality, waveforms and their harmonic principles.  Part Four examines the notes on a keyboard, octaves, sharps and flats, tones and semitones, and the C Major scale.  Part Five describes what Intervals are and how they can work in the key of C.  Part Six explores Rhythm, Tempo and Note Lengths, looking at note values, how they appear on the piano roll, dotted notes and rests.

Course Features

  • Videos 12
  • Skill level All levels
Under the guise X=X, Ben Baal-Bowdler is an electronic musician, guitarist and sound artist.  The last three years have seen Ben release material with Nomine on Tempa and Nomine Sound, and more recently, new collaborations with Nurve (Macabre Unit), particularly the album “End To The Start”, and session work including house legend, Stevie V.  Ben has also researched for and exhibited a number of sound installations as part of the international A Place In Time? art collective. As well as playing in alternative rock bands through his teens and early twenties, since 1994 Ben has worked with Kevin Ford, recording under several names, most recently Lines and 7inch Thugs.  Highlights within their career include headlining performances at the Glastonbury Festival in 2002 and 2003, and their B Side remix of the hit single, Aqualung’s “Strange and Beautiful”.  Ben is also a major contributor to TuneMedia, the company behind the award winning Tune-Up Loops sample packs for Apple’s Garageband software. A qualified lecturer, Ben has taught many areas of music production and performance over several years, from live improvisation to sound design for film.  With a background in Music Culture and over twenty years performing and writing music across a range of genres, Ben has a personal avid interest in the history and development of 20th Century music and its place in society.

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