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Dusty Ohms has recorded this 4 part online music course that lifts the lid on the stock plugins that Reason has to offer. Stock plugins are sometimes overlooked due to the high volume of “high end” plugins that are available to us via very well known, industry leading plugin developers. In this 4 part course, Dusty explores 4 different plugins, Alligator, Pulverizer, Synchronous and The Echo.

Below is a break down of each stock plugin that is covered in this online music course.

Synchronous: Synchronous is a rack extension which is used for modulation. It can be used simply, by calling up effects, or you can go deeper and create more complex chains with parallel modulation curves.

Pulverizer: The name says it all and it does exactly what it says on the tin. From heavy distortion to filtering and modulating, you can really destroy a sound and take it far away from its original state. There is also a built in compressor that can be called upon to add even more spice to your sound.

Alligator: In essence, Alligator is a 3 channel gate effect. You can pass any flat sound through this plugin and it can be tweaked to create a rhythmic pattern, almost arpeggio like. In addition to that, you can spice up your rhythmically processed sound by applying distortion, filters, phaser and delays which are all features that Alligator has to offer.

The Echo: The Echo is a very in-depth delay unit with an algorithmic coding that emulates the warmth and characteristics of organic sounding, vintage delay units. With all the normal attributes that you might find in stereo delay unit this also has some unique attributes that are specific to ‘The Echo’. It has a trigger and roll mode which will allow you to play the plugin as an instrument and the results can be very random and a lot of fun to work with.

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Course Features

  • Videos 4
  • Skill level All levels

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