Modular 101: VCA/LPG

In this turoail, Cocktail Party Effect takes you through VCAs – from ‘what is a VCA’, to showing why you would need one, and importantly, how you use one.

Course Features

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Cocktail Party Effect

Born into a musical family, Eric began his journey into sound at an early age –as a producer/drummer he has worked with such R&B/Jazz/Rock/Electronic luminaries as Geno Washington, Matt Berry, Snow Patrol and Dominic Miller. Eric’s music takes the listener on excursions into complex rhythmical territory, but his grasp of melody and harmony is just as profound.

Using found sounds, live and electronic drums, various synths and vocoded vocals, Eric creates a beautiful, unearthly noise and pulls off the difficult trick of creating a sound which is full of musical reference points while also sounding entirely original.


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