An Introduction To ‘CamelPhat’

CamelPhat, is a heavy weight distortion unit with a very unique engine that compares to no other. Occult give us a quick introduction to this beats. Listen and watch with care!

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I loved listening closely to music as a child, thanks to my families diverse taste. I became interested in making music when i learned that it could be composed inside a computer. At age 14 I was using Cakewalk, Rebirth and rudimentary home recordings to make very experimental music. I first released dubstep music commercially in 2009. At 19 I was studying a Higher national Diploma in Electronic music. I had gained popularity and began to DJ around the UK. I ran a radio show on RoodFM with Jot Maxi. I have worked in recording studios with all kinds of bands, The most memorable was a live 24-piece big band, in one room. I have gathered plenty of experience using DAWs like Logic, Ableton, FL studio and ProTools. I studied Creative Music Production at Brighton University. My dissertation was on sound system culture and the human desire for sound in its physical form. I was a resident DJ at The Mine at Volks, Brighton. I have worked on commercial sound design for the BBC, L’officiel magazine, Toms shoes and Baltman and some experimental sound design for smaller brands and artistic projects. I have gathered a library of my own sounds over a 10 year period and built a knowledge of effects processing and mixing/mastering. I have composed and performed my own music as a solo artist for the past decade, I have performed at festivals and venues in many countries and developed a fan base worldwide. The music I make centres around texture and sound design. My primary focus now is working on ways to perform my music live. I have been co running and assisting both the Macabre Unit Digital & Faded Tapes labels for a number of years.


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    Can you reccomend a decent alternative to Camelphat since its demise? Or is there a way to still be able to get Camelphat 64bit as Im currently running ableton 10?


    • Nurve
      Nurve Macabre Unit

      Hi, CamelPhat 3.5 is 64 bit. An alternative I might use is ‘Saturn’ by ‘Fab filter’

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