E&B Templatez 003

Workflow is the name of the game here and for Templatez 003, Dusty Ohms steps up to the plate with a track called ‘Lurking’, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Demonstrating his melting pot of influences and workflow by combining elements of Hip Hop, Dubstep & Drum ‘n’ Bass, into a 86bpm halftime monster. Loose drums skip along, surrounded by twisted textures and synths, big grimey bass lines keeping the momentum of the track, with glitched vocals and SFX sprinkled on top.

Intro: A brief rundown of Templatez, the track, workflow and the general arrangement inside Reason 11.

Drums: A breakdown of all the drum elements. Including the editing of the individual hits inside Reason’s new drum machine ‘Rytmik’, and setting up the kick for sidechain compression. Followed by a look into the processing to gel them all together and automation throughout the track to keep things interesting.

Leads: This part covers the two sounds that give the track it’s identity. A contorted pad that’s created from a sample of broadcast interference sets the eerie tone, with a simple percussive rift floating over the top.

Main Bass: Using basic analog waveforms, with LFO modulation to breath life and interesting movement to an otherwise rather static bass sound. How to then process it, using effects to add extra weight and grit.

Extra Bass: Exploring some of the preset sounds in ‘Europa’, one of the latest synths to be added to Reason’s arsenal. Tweaking them to your own tastes and sprinkling them into the gaps left intentionally in the main bass groove.

Atmos: Heavily processing field recordings to add texture to the intro, breakdown and outro. Then subtly layering a shaker loop into the background of the track to give an underlying shuffle to the main parts throughout.

Vox & FX: Taking a little snippet of an acapella loaded into a granular synthesizer, twisting it into a haunting vocal, that jitters around in the depths of the track. Quickly creating a filtered white noise riser to bridge all the transitions. Then finalising things by adding chopped up 8 bit sounds, with glitched automation to keep it moving.

Mixing: Using the SSL based mixer in Reason to compress, EQ and level the channels that need it, then adding aux effects like reverb and delay.

Mastering: The final processing of the track. Building a subtle compressor chain, genital EQ’ing to add sparkle, and limiting the signal to keep some dynamics.

As VIP members you will all have access to the video content which is in total around 1hr. You will have access to the project file, stems, midi files and samples.

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