How To remix A Vocal D&B Track

In this course, Guzi does a walkthrough of his D&B remix of Agro’s track featuring Killa P ‘Ruff Ride’.

Part 1 is an introduction to the course followed by a play through of the original track and the remix.

In part 2, Guzi begins by showing you how he uses one of the intro stems to create some midi notes which he then uses throughout the track. He then breaks down the first 16 bars of the intro & shows you how he made a rave pad using a string sample in combination with Ableton’s chord midi effect. Finally, he shows you how he used a think break to add some progression to the intro and then transition from this into the second half by making a trap style snare drum roll.

In part 3, Guzi delves into the second half of the intro, which is heavily influenced by trap and drill music. First of all, he explains the trap drum beat he has sequenced. He then demonstrates how he used the intro midi data to sequence the 808 and Ableton’s portamento glide to create the drill glides. Guzi then breaks down the vocal layers which sit over the top of the trap beat. In the final part of this section, he shows how he has used a few FX samples with delay return tracks & an amen snare roll in order to get smoother transitions when the track switches from the trap beat to the drum build up & into the drop.

Part 4 is a walkthrough of the drum programming. Guzi shows you how he has started the drop with jungle drums before switching into more standard drum & bass drums. He also goes into a bit of detail with regards to using the pre-delay parameter on Ableton’s reverb to create a snare echo effect. Finally, he shows you how one of the original stems has been incorporated into the track acting as a drum fill.

Part 5 is a breakdown of all of the bass sounds used in this D&B remix. There are 10 in total, covering a range of instruments and sound design techniques. Guzi also explains how he edited one of the sub sounds to work in tandem with the amen crash just before the track switches up. To conclude, Guzi shows you a few final sounds used in the 2nd drop to keep the track interesting, once again following the midi pattern generated from the intro.

If you would like to see more educational videos then please head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel where you can find a further 500+ videos.

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