Sound Design | Drum & Bass | 7 Synths, 7 Sounds

In this course, Guzi covers a wide range of sound design techniques by using 7 different synths to make 7 different sounds. This course is designed not just to teach you how to create these 7 sounds, but to arm you with many universal techniques that you can use with any synths to start making your own unique sounds.

In part 2, he uses NI Massive to create a jump up womp bass, taking full advantage of resonant filters and Massive’s built in tube distortion.

In part 3, Guzi opens up Xfer Serum to create a bass patch which we can use to create tension in the intro of a tune rather than a bass patch purely for drops. He then applies distortion, reverb and a flanger to the patch to bring it to life.

Part 4 sees Guzi using NI Massive X to make an electronic brass inspired sound which can be used in intros and drops. This patch explores the use of the PM modulators within Massive X, with the signal being fed through to some extreme distortion & feedback.

In parts 5-8, Guzi uses Ableton’s stock synths, Analog, Tension, Operator & Wavetable, to demonstrate why these synths should not be overlooked. Respectively, the sounds created in these 4 parts are an Acid / 303 Arp, a funky portamento patch, a resonated / filtered noise sweep & a lush sawtooth pad, played in as a chord.

Once you have been through this course, Guzi would like you to try recreating some of the patches using different synths to the ones used in the video. This can be a great exercise for those that want to become sound design wizards.

All of the patches featured in this course are available via E&B sounds, WAV’s are available for those that do not have the synths used.


To watch more music production content on D&B and Sound Design please head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel.

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    Outstanding Course! Nice Presentation, Bullet points used and easy to follow. Guzi provided simple instructions and shared real world applications for each designed patch. I was able t o quickly produce the patches, gain familiarity with each Plug-in while creating a building block for future productions. Recommended for all skill levels

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