Cimm | Track Walkthrough | Lo FI Hip Hop Inspired Dubstep [Grape Lime Ricky – Sentry Records]

No stone unturned with this in-depth track walkthrough with Cimm. In conversation with Nomine, Cimm goes deep for over two hours! This walkthrough breaks down the entire creative process of Cimm’s recent track ’Grape Lime Ricky’, which was released recently on Youngsta’s Sentry Records. This piece of bass art takes on a more laid-back attitude, basking in its silky lo-fi pads and ephemeral lo-fi aesthetics. Granular and detuned, soulful to its core – a seemingly effortless top-notch production with Hip-Hop influences and plenty of pressure to go with it.

Cimm is a prodigious UK-based artist and in this release he reveals some of his finest high-grade sound system combustibles yet. DJ Youngsta’s label Sentry demonstrates how it’s done once again, proceeding with the consistent stream of quality excursions and another four mammoth-sized tracks to shake a leg to and light up the audience. Super-charged, Cimm’s murderous sound design in all its glory.

(some words above borrowed from the Sentry Record 005 press release)

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