How To Make A D&B Foghorn Bass

In this short course, Guzi demonstrates the basics of making bass sounds for a foghorn drum & bass track by using sound design – pitch modulation, filter modulation, distortion, reverb and FM synthesis.

Firstly, he uses Xfer Serum to create a sound taking full advantage of the synths FM (frequency modulation) capabilities. After setting up the oscillators, the sub and the filters, Guzi proceeds to explain how he has set up the modulation by using the LFO’s as envelopes. He also delves into the matrix section of Serum, showing how we can modulate the global pitch of the synth. Finally, Guzi applies the FX needed to bring the best out of the patch.

Guzi then opens up his old favourite, Native Instruments Massive. By using a combination of 2 different filters in serial mode, Guzi adds some nasty frequencies to an otherwise rather plain sounding patch. The power of sound design is a wonderful thing when trying to achieve these types of mind blowing end results.

He also applies the in built FX (reverb and distortion) within Massive to finish off this ready-to-use patch.
Don’t forget to check out the freemium video to accompany this course – where Guzi shows you how he goes about sequencing these types of sounds into a track idea.

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Course Features

  • Videos 3
  • Skill level All levels

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