NS011_Badman Sound EP


**World Exclusive!**

Nomine leads the charge on the Badman Sound EP, exclusive to Education & Bass

Ez tribe, this is a **digital only release** that is only available here for now, as a world exclusive. An official release date is yet to be confirmed, some of the music is only a few days old – A PROPER “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”. It is digital only because we have a lot of great music to share from many artists in a variety of genres. Vinyl manufacturing slows the release process down so we have made the decision to release digital only in-between vinyl releases. We are sure you will agree, that quality WILL NOT be compromised on digital only releases.

Releasing it here exclusively before the rest of world helps us give something back to the artists for their hard work and efforts and gives our supporters some world exclusive music for the continued support!

** PLEASE do not pirate the release as it will make it impossible for us to offer these world exclusives in the future – thank you! **

Nomine Sound 011:

1. Nomine – Badman Sound
2. Nurve – War Ting
3. Feonix – Is It Raining
4. Texture – Orisha

Thank you for the continued support!


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