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Samples are a huge part of a music producers workflow. Education & Bass are huge advocates of teaching people how to create their sounds from scratch with both sampling, synthesis and more but we are very aware that in this fast paced world, we just want quick access to high quality – ready to use – royalty free samples and patches.

Here is what we can offer you.
  • One-shot audio samples
  • Loop audio samples
  • Synth patches (Serum, Phaseplant and more)

Our instructors are very creative and they treat sound design as their playground,  and sound design equals one thing… A LOT of unique sounds! Along with using a variety of plugins to create samples and patches we also love to get hands on with some  hardware units to work with from distortion units, compressors, effect processors, analogue mixing desks and more. We take great pride in what we do with everything at E&B, and our samples and patches are no exception.

We have everything from kicks and snares to basses and pads. By subscribing to Sounds you will need to look no further for inspiration and our portal of sounds is added to on a weekly basis. By subscribing to this annual membership you are making a 25% saving.

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