An exclusive, online course delivered by active industry specialists and qualified music technology lecturers

This Ultimate Beginners Music Production Program will provide manageable learning material over an 8 week period to assist all students in gaining the knowledge and skills to write and sequence the genre(s) of their choice.

This course will teach you what a DAW is, the differences between audio and midi, 8 bar and 16 bars, understanding the grid, timbre, tonality, mixing, arranging and more.


8 Week Ultimate Beginners Music Production Program - April 2020

Following enrolment, you will be sent a confirmation email with an overview of what the course consists of along with further relevant information to do with your course and membership.

Do you:

Have 3 hours each week to dedicate to the course?

Have daily access to a Mac or PC?

Own any DAW/software? (Logic, Ableton, Reason, FL, Reaper, ProTools etc)?

…and are you available to start in April 2020?

What you’ll get from the course:

  • Flexible content – if you are studying, have a job and other responsibilities, the weekly content will be manageable for all that commit to the structure and formative tasks, with extension tasks if you want to take it further
  • Full access to the main Education & Bass site and VIP benefits for 6 months, which currently has over 1000 videos of courses, lectures and tutorials (content which is added to daily) so plenty to get stuck in to.
  • Opportunity to have your tracks released on an Education & Bass vinyl and digital record label (for subscribers only) in addition to an array of other successful records labels (across many genres) that we run amongst ourselves, which could present you with industry opportunities moving forward.
  • Feedback on your music (one track per month) from our experienced a&r team.
  • Discounts on mastering and mentoring by Education & Bass tutors.


£99 which includes:  8 Week Ultimate Beginners Music Production Program, access to the private live feedback sessions, free entry to the international Education & Bass visiting workshops and many other benefits including discounts on merchandise, music, industry opportunities, work experience and much more.

Got any questions for us?

Please feel free to ask us anything regarding the Ultimate Music Production program as it is important that we get it right for you!

**Please note** There is a limited initial enrolment number to ensure you get the best possible support from us. If you miss out this time or cannot commit, please don’t worry, there will be more opportunities later in the year.


8 Week Ultimate Beginners Music Production Program - April 2020