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Online and in-person accredited and non-accredited courses, alternative education support, continuous professional development (CPD), workshops, seminars, guest lectures, Q&A sessions, and unrestricted music technology education constitute the pillars of Education & Bass.

Led by esteemed industry professionals from around the globe, who possess extensive teaching experience in schools, colleges, universities, the youth sector, prison education, and beyond, facilitate these elements, all united by the mission of providing education for all.

Now the worlds most extensive free online platform, providing countless hours of courses, tutorials, and insights for individuals at every stage of their Music Technology journey. We also champion in-person instruction across diverse educational sectors.

It started out as an idea and quickly formulated in reality. Education & Bass, the brainchild of producer Nomine aka Outrage (Tempa, Metalheadz, Rinse FM), took shape during the summer of 2016 and within a handful of months had been physically taken to many audiences across Europe and America, to both clubs and education establishments, whilst receiving a large online audience worldwide and now you too can share in the Education & Bass experience.

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Education & Bass combines music and arts education with live performances.

Workshops, seminars, guest lecturers, Q&A and no rules electronic music are the foundation of this unique concept. All delivered and performed by active respected international industry specialists and college/university lecturers.

Emerging from the streets of Brick Lane, London in 2017, Education & Bass began as an intimate feedback and educational event connecting budding musical talents with industry pioneers. Today, we’ve evolved into a world leading electronic music education platform, reaching more than just online enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide genuine opportunities to those made to believe they have limited options. Passionately supporting the teaching and learning of Music Technology around the world in schools, colleges, universities, alternative provisions, prison education, as well as those with special educational needs, disabilities, and social, emotional, or mental health challenges. With both accredited and non-accredited teaching, step into our world where music intertwines with empowerment and real opportunity.

Listen to Andrew Ferguson about Rockschool Music Production tuition and ongoing plans to ensure authentic and representative education around music production and technology.