I’ve always been around music from a young age which I owe a lot to my parents and older brother. I started out playing the drums and immersed myself in many different styles of live music, which I try to draw on for influence in my tracks today. I started out making electronic music using Reason 3 in the computer room at my secondary school, so not the glamorous entrance you might imagine!

I now use Ableton, and over time I have picked up a lot of techniques through various mentors, educational courses and of course hands-on experience and experimentation. I’ve also been active in the dubstep scene for several years, playing around the world and releasing on some great labels such as White Peach Records, Subaltern Records and more.

I try to focus on interesting sound design accompanied with intricate percussive arrangements, regularly drawing for my drumming experience. My music has been described as having a hip-hop/grime influence, but I regularly combine styles such as jazz, funk and more.

Lastly a big thanks to all the supporters, I hope you enjoy the videos and content, welcome to Education & Bass!