Send us your music for feedback!

Being a member of Education & Bass means you have an exclusive opportunity to send your music to our A&R team for feedback.

The submission form will be open from 9am GMT on the 14th of each month until 9am on 16th.

Please send us your streamable links only. One of our A&R team will be in touch with written feedback on your track along with any additional comments or possible opportunities regarding your music.

Here are just some of the reputable record labels that we work with; Hospital Records, Ram Records, Shogun Audio, Function Records, Crucial Recordings, ZamZam Sounds, System Music, MUD, Nomine Sound, Backlash and many more.

The streamable links must be sent by either Soundcloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. If they are not, they won’t be listened to.

*Please allow for up to 14 days from the date you submitted your track, for a response with feedback from one of the E&B team. It is also advised that you make note of the date that you submit your track, for feedback, as you will be made eligible to submit a new track 30 days after submitting your current track.

Send us your music!

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If you delete your track, or fail to share your private Soundcloud link correctly, your track will NOT be critiqued and you will not receive your feedback.