£60 ph with discounts available on 3 or more one hour sessions!

Are you seeking expert guidance in certain aspects of music production or the business side of things? Would you like a meticulous, track-by-track critique to elevate your sound? Do you wish to master crucial aspects of the music business and receive invaluable feedback from contemporary music producers making waves on some of the top labels across a range of genres? Discover your next level with Education & Bass’ bespoke 1-1 mentoring service.

While our rich online content is a treasure trove for all members, we recognise the transformative power of tailored mentorship that resonates with your unique aspirations. Envision a virtual sit-down with an industry specialist, diving deep into your burning questions about music production or business. It’s not just a session; it’s a tailored expedition into the heart of the music world where your needs, queries, and desires take centre stage.

Our mentors aren’t just seasoned – they’re at the vanguard of the music industry. Covering the spectrum of music production, theory, and business, they’re not only influential artists but some are also esteemed scholars with master’s degrees in fields such as music technology, business, and education. With E&B, you’re not just in good hands – you’re with people who genuinely care, have lived and breathed this for a very long time, and still take it very seriously to this day.

Below are profiles of our tutors. Together, they bring a staggering 200+ years of firsthand music industry wisdom. Now, they’re virtually welcoming you into their world, eager to pass on their expertise.

Should you opt for multiple sessions, a tailor-made roadmap will be collaboratively designed by both E&B and you, ensuring each session is a step towards your musical dreams. What’s more, you can record your mentorship sessions, making each one a lasting resource for continuous growth.

Prices listed below.

Single session
£60 (per hour)

Three sessions
£160 (three hours)

Four sessions
£210 (four hours)

Five sessions or more
£50 (per hour session)

Book your sessions below, and one of our team will contact you straight away, or get in touch first with any questions via [email protected]. Please use the subject line ‘Mentor Enquiry’.

1-4 Sessions
5 Session Curated Package