We believe in the power of music to transcend barriers and provide a platform for self-discovery. Our workshops and dedicated programs empower underprivileged individuals to find their own voice and express their stories through beats, rhythms and melodies.

Prisons Alternative Provision
School Holiday Clubs SEND / SEMH Kickstarter Days

Supportive Programs

Our programs can be tailored to suit your learners’ needs whether they are absolute beginners or already have substantial experience. They could include using music software, the fundamentals of sound, music theory, sound design, music for media and much more! Specialist or expensive equipment not required.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

At E&B, we are committed advocates for positive mental health and personal wellbeing. Our workshops can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a creative outlet, promoting social interaction, and giving people a sense of purpose. Creating music is known to improve mood, increase self-esteem, and help people to manage and express their emotions.

Skills for Life

Our music production workshops aren’t just about making music, they can help young people develop their creativity, collaboration, technical proficiency, problem-solving, attention to detail, time management, communication, confidence, emotional intelligence, and adaptability.

“Thank you for today, the students (and staff) really enjoyed the workshop. There were so many creative pieces and everyone was really engaged. We hope to see you again soon.”
Dorothy Goodman School (Teacher)

Alternative Provision

Music holds a universal appeal, and when taught adeptly, it becomes a powerful tool to engage youth, including those with special needs or disabilities. Beyond pure enjoyment, music education fosters social skill development and offers non-academic individuals a path to qualifications, instilling confidence and illuminating potential career avenues that once seemed distant. Education & Bass delivers both online and in-person courses, both accredited and non-accredited, catering to learners of varied ages who, for various reasons, aren’t in mainstream education. We’ve seen learners as young as 14, previously sceptical of their academic abilities, now progressing towards earning UCAS points. These achievements can pave their way to university, defying others’ preconceptions. We currently have in-person sessions in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Somerset, London, Cheshire, and Leicestershire. Globally, our online footprint extends internationally. We’re keenly exploring opportunities to expand our physical presence across the UK and are in discussions with other nations.

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Education & Bass has taken steps to support UK prison education through Music Technology. Our tailored accredited and non-accredited courses open a transformative space, offering individuals a unique chance to nurture talents that can deeply influence their lives. Grounded in the belief of music’s healing touch, we create an environment where the incarcerated can discover relief and a sense of freedom through their artistic endeavours.

In delving into the world of beats, harmonies, and lyrical expressions, participants not only convey their deep-seated emotions and perspectives but also learn transferable skills that lift them beyond their current confines. This aids them in their journey of rehabilitation and self-enhancement.

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“Thank you so much for Wednesday’s workshop, it was brilliant! The students completed feedback forms yesterday and it was overwhelmingly positive”
Ellesmere School (Teacher)

“My son absolutely LOVED your sessions yesterday – thank you soooooo much. As a big dubstep and grime fan we have been blasting your tracks.”
– Parent

After School & Holiday Clubs

In the summer of 2023, Education & Bass teamed up with West Sussex Music, Central Bedfordshire, Westlake Farm, and Northamptonshire Sports to spearhead and support in-person holiday activity programs around the UK, centred on Music Production and DJ skills. If you are interested in expanding music access in your community, we offer youth programs where participants can learn about Music Production and DJing and, if desired, work towards an accreditation. Our programs are designed to provide tangible skills in music technology that are cost-effective and can be practiced at home, alleviating financial burdens on families.

Join us in equipping the next generation with vital music skills for today’s digital age while engaging them with something we all love, Music!

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SEND / SEMH Kickstarter Days

Since 2022, Education & Bass has collaborated with numerous special schools throughout the UK, promoting and supporting the integration of Music Technology and DJ Skills into their curriculum. We are steadfast in our conviction that all should have access to music technology. Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)/Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) Kickstarter Days provide an initial framework, enabling schools and other education Providers to introduce a music technology to their students with minimal expenditure and resources.

During these Kickstarter Days, the Education & Bass team visits a school for an entire day, engaging with one or more groups of students who may have varying degrees of physical, learning challenges, or disabilities. There’s no need for high-end equipment or specialised music rooms for these sessions. We bring the necessary gear and frequently utilise readily available tools in the schools, like Chromebooks and tablets. Free software ensures that the momentum of teaching and learning continues even after our visit.

Our commitment goes beyond the initial visit. We also offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions and supplementary resources to empower educators and support staff, ensuring that students can pursue their passion for music consistently.

Post these Kickstarter Days, Education & Bass has developed partnerships with several schools. Some have invited us back for recurring weekly sessions throughout the academic year, serving as their dedicated Music Technology provision. Meanwhile, others have built upon the foundation we’ve provided, managing independently, yet always with our unwavering support ready when needed.

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“This was such an amazing opportunity for our students – you guys were amazing! The day was so much fun!. Highly recommend these guys to come and spend the day with any school. Thank you.”
Birchwood School (Teacher)