Whether you’re an aspiring producer or a dedicated educator, if you’re passionate about music production and aim to elevate your skills, E&B offers a selection of accredited programs and professional development services for teachers to propel you towards your career aspirations.

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Accredited Courses

Our one year RSL graded syllabus explores every aspect of music production from digital audio principles, using DAWs, recording, synthesis and tons more. It’s comprehensive but also carefully designed to be flexible so you can progress at a steady pace.

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Educator CPD

The landscape of music is being transformed by technology, demanding educators to evolve and keep pace. Embracing ongoing professional development is key. Our CPD programs are customisable, catering to educators at all stages, from novices to those seeking advanced refreshers. This ensures educators are equipped to nurture the upcoming wave of music innovators. Education & Bass has fortified teaching in diverse environments, from schools and special education institutions to colleges, universities, youth organisations, prison education, and even international education platforms, enhancing the teaching and learning of Music Technology.

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If you’re already making music but want to get some industry-experienced ears on it so you know it’s up to scratch before putting it out, we can provide accurate, honest and objective feedback. Offering advice on production, arrangements, mixdowns, mastering and more.

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