Lee Head

Lee has over 20 years of experience in music and music education. Starting out as a self-taught enthusiast with an MPC and a love for hip hop, he pursued formal studies in music technology, earning a First Class BA in the field. Throughout his career, Lee has taken on various roles in the industry, including studio technician, recording engineer, live sound engineer, and mixing and mastering engineer.

As a studio engineer, Lee is known for breaking conventions, even creating custom equipment to achieve unique sounds. His versatility as a producer is evident in his work with artists across diverse genres, from country and metal to hip hop and comedy music. Notably, he has produced and engineered all of comedy artist Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.’s albums, which have garnered millions of hits worldwide. In the realm of children’s media, Lee has made significant contributions as a composer and mix/mastering engineer for high-profile IPs broadcast globally.

His expertise extends to music production education, where he has taught a wide range of students, from children to adults and beginners to degree-level learners, including those with special educational needs (SEN). He has also played a crucial role in designing and developing music production courses across all levels from 1 to 6.

Lee’s passion for music production continues to be the driving force behind his career. His love for creating unique sounds and pushing the boundaries of conventional production techniques fuels his innovative approach to every project. Whether working with emerging artists, developing educational courses, or composing for high-profile media, Lee’s dedication to his craft is evident. His enthusiasm for music and technology not only inspires those he works with but also propels him to continually explore new creative avenues and stay at the forefront of the industry.