Mungk is the main musical project of the all-round-creative 27-year-old musician, producer, DJ, promoter and illustrator; Matt Beauchamp.

Born in 1994 and raised in a rural Norfolk town in the east of England, Matt’s first exposure to performing music was playing the washboard in his dad’s folk and bluegrass band as a child. On his 12th birthday, Matt received his first guitar and as his skills progressed, he began to gig with his dad’s band more regularly. By the age of 14, Matt was performing at pubs, weddings, fairs and festivals around East Anglia most weekends.

His time with the band gained him a basic knowledge of music theory and the ability to play a multitude of instruments including guitar, bass guitar, double bass and mandolin. Over the following years, he went on to perform in a wide variety of other live music projects playing mostly metal, punk and folk music.

Matt will be the first to admit that, through his formative years, he struggled immensely with his mental health. An internal battle with depression and anxiety all came to a peak in the year of 2014 when he spiralled into a world of
addiction and homelessness that would take years to recover from. It was, however, during these years that he first developed an interest in electronic music. Having been exposed to raves and dance music, Matt discovered a passion that would long outlast his addictions. By 2016, Matt had acquired his first DJ controller and was beginning to experiment with making beats in Garageband.

In 2017, Matt made the leap into sobriety. This was the breakthrough moment that changed everything. Within months, Matt had enrolled himself at the local music college in order to pursue his growing interest in electronic music. It was here that Mungk first came to life. Matt graduated this course with the highest possible grade (Distinction*) in 2019 and promptly decided that he not only needed to know more but also that the music career he longed for would not be found in his home town.

In the summer of 2019, Matt uprooted his life 200 miles north to Leeds and began a degree in Electronic Music Production. It is here that he first began running the record label, SND SYSTM CLTR. Being in a bigger city with a more desirable location and a wider range of opportunity, Matt soon found his DJ bookings take-off to where he has now played shows in a plethora of UK cities including Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, London, Brighton and more. December 2019 even saw him make his way onto a line-up for Subaltern Records in Berlin, Germany. There were many more over-seas bookings in the pipeline for 2020 before COVID-19 hit though, needless to say, these are all still waiting on the opportunity to reschedule.

Today, Matt remains in the north of England where he continues to study and produce music for an impressive and ever-growing list of some of the scene’s most well-respected and established labels. Determined and driven to carve a career for himself within the music industry, Matt shows no signs of slowing down just yet.