Speaker Louis

Speaker Louis is a french producer and multi-instrumentalist. He spent his formative years in France performing as a singer, guitar player or bass player in many different bands from punk rock to hip-hop. Around the age of 20, he became fascinated by sound system culture after moving to Lyon, a city with a flourishing reggae and dub scene. He attended his first dubstep and drum & bass nights and developed a real passion for the sound. For a while, he explored various sub-heavy genres by crafting electronic live performances involving Midi controllers and a bass guitar, and playing them in numerous local clubs and festivals.

This allowed him to know his DAW inside out as Ableton Live became his weapon of choice. With a growing obsession for the sound of the UK, he moved to London in 2016 and was blown away by the creativity, the atmosphere and the quality of club nights. Soon enough, drum & bass became his favourite genre and he spent a few months attending every possible event to immerse himself in the vibe.

In 2017, he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: join the long-standing french band La Phaze, an act known for their explosive performances blending the drum & bass sound with punk rock. Bringing to the table his experience with Ableton performances and his knowledge of the modern Junglist sound, he joined the band’s lineup as a DJ and vocalist, starting with a summer tour in 2018.

Later, he took part in the construction of the new album ‘Visible(s)’, released in October 2020, as a sound designer, producer and bass player. He learned a lot from the strong musical bond with his experienced bandmates, and from this first contact with the music industry as a professional.

Joining La Phaze gave Speaker Louis the momentum to take his solo productions to the next level. After touring in 2018, he settled in his new studio in North London and spent long hours perfecting his craft. His sound is a heartfelt blend of all his influences: reggae and dub instruments, gritty breakbeats, catchy hooks and heavy basslines. Inspired by artists like Shy FX, Congo Natty, Break or Serum, he aims to make tunes equally influenced by oldschool jungle, ragga bangers and modern rollers, whilst always keeping a strong musical feel. Very keen on vocal tracks, he remixes tunes for Chopstick Dubplate and collaborates with prolific singers like Blackout JA and Parly B.

He scores his first releases in the following years in the modern jungle scene with labels such as Deep in The Jungle Records, Liondub International, Original Key or Jungle Cakes. He gains the support of top DJs like Marcus Visionary or Rene LaVice and his first radio plays on Kool London, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra. With many exciting projects to be released soon, he is always working on improving his sound for that perfect blend of vibes, energy, weight and precision.