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The program will provide manageable learning material over a 30 week period to help you gain the knowledge and skills to write, sequence, mix and master the genre(s) of their choice as well as providing an intro level insight into the business side of the music industry.

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  • 8 Week Beginners Course Gift

    Gift the 8 Week Ultimate Beginners Music Production Program!

    The course will provide manageable learning material over an 8 week period to assist all students in gaining the knowledge and…

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    With the annual membership, you get full access to 1000s of videos and courses.

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    Gift a VIP Annual Membership!

    The recipient will get access to 1000s of tutorial videos, access to exclusive offers as well as feedback on your music and many more that…

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  • How To Make An EDM Track

    Dan Larsson of Letsynthesize has teamed up with Education and Bass to bring you an exclusive course on “How To Make An EDM Track”. In this three hour long…

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