121 Mentoring with music industry specialists

Are you looking for assistance in specific areas of your music production, or a step by step analysis of your tracks? Hone your skills in key areas of music production and get direct feedback with music producers from the core of the music industry? Then I believe our 121 Mentoring service could be just what you are looking for…

In addition to all of the online content that we provide our members, we also know that some learners learn better with mentorship. Not only does the learner get the opportunity to be face to face with a credible artist and tutor that they admire, they also get to really pick the brains of the mentor on specific subjects and aspects of music production, music business or whichever subject the tutor is an expert in.

Here is a list of the extremely experienced and decorated tutors who are opening up their online doors to mentor you all upon request: Nomine, Nurve, Special Circumstances, DubApe, Guzi, Taiko, X=X, Occult and Dusty Ohms.

All of the artists mentioned here who are available to mentor you have a wealth of first hand music industry experience covering all angles of music production, music theory and music business. Not only are they all active artists but some are also decorated academics with masters degrees in music technology, music business and teaching. It’s very safe to say that you are in safe hands!

If you are a paying member of E&B you will get a 50% discount on your one-to-one tuition.

Paying members
£50 (per hour)

Non paying members
£100 (per hour)

Send us your details to discuss how you can take your production further.

If you would like to watch some more videos consisting of mentoring, music production, music business and wellbeing then head over to the Education & Bass Youtube channel and watch 500+ videos

Mentoring for music production